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The Sinner's Mass 1980/2014

Perhaps this setting earns its title by starting and ending with "I confess that I have sinned" and "Lord, I am not worthy", both of which I have left in their pre-2011 form as I have neither the will to abandon nor the ability to adapt this tune to fit the 2011 text. Indeed, the whole of the recording remains as it was when it was first made in 1995, except for the Gloria and Sanctus which I have updated to meet the requirements of the 2011 translation.

Few people will remember that twenty-eleven was not the first time composers were required to change their tune. The first (interim) translation of the mass, produced in the 1960’s, began the Gloria with "Glory be to God on high, and on earth peace to men who are God's friends". A few years later this was replaced by "Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth". Neither of these identified correctly the target of this sentiment, i.e. people of good will - regardless of their creed or culture. Happily this has at long last been rectified.

sinners_keyboard.pdf sinners_vocal.pdf

Conveniently, these two items, plus the Kyrie and Lamb of God, can be extracted from the vocal score and will fit neatly on to a single sheet of A4 for distribution to the congregation. If your conscience (or obedience) will not allow you to use the Our Father as part of the liturgy try the Pater Noster from the Missa de Saeculis. It's not easy but it is very rewarding.

But what a pity the current text avoids the full literal translation of the Latin - men of goodwill - especially as we say in the Creed (of all places!) that Our Lord came down from heaven for us men - i.e. mankind including women and children. What's more, it sounds better, so do feel free to sing men if you see fit.